App tokens

You can create application tokens for merchants and for stores to be used with the API, SDK or checkout widget.

An application token for a specific store is necessary for the checkout widget to work.

Application token types

Merchant: Merchant tokens can’t be used for transactions, however, API and SDK features are accessible.

Store: Used when creating transaction tokens and charges. It can be used only at for the store specified when creating the token.

Create an application token

Create a merchant application token

  • Click on “Add”.
  • Click on “Create” and you’re done.

Create a store application token

  • Click on “Add”.
  • Select “Restrict per store”.
  • Select the store you want under “Store”.
  • Select the moves you need in “Mode”.
  • In “Domain”, enter the domain of the site where the checkout widget and inline form will be used.*
  • Click on “Create” and you’re done.

*Domain is required to use the checkout widget and inline form. Domain is not required when using API or SDK.