Recurring tokens

With recurring tokens, the customer payment information are saved (tokenized) so they can be re-used later on, without the customer having to re-enter their payment information.

On this page you can search for existing recurring tokens. You can also select one to see more details.

Please note that recurring tokens can not be created or used with PayPay online payments.

Recurring charges from Merchant Console.

From the Recurring Token details, you can charge for registered payment information.

  • Click “make a charge” in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Select an App ID
  • Enter the amount
  • Add metadata (optional)
  • After pressing “make a charge”, a widget will open, and then press “Next” to complete the payment.

Accepted payment methods

Credit card
There is a limit to the maximum amount that can be used depending on the store’s settings. Please contact our support desk .
Convenience store payment
Businesses are asked to select the convenience store to be used. Payment details will be sent to the consumer by e-mail after the order is completed.
Bank transfer
After the order is completed, detailed information about the bank transfer will be sent to the consumer by e-mail.