EC link form overview

The EC form is an online checkout form, where your customers can pay and/or register their card details for future payments. This checkout form will be hosted on our server so you don’t need to have a website to use this feature.

Using the management console, you can set up specific payment details, such as a standard charge, a subscription or a card registration, and create a link to share with your customers. You can send this link by email, share it on social media and also download a QR code to print on your leaflets.

If you have a website, you can also call the EC form directly and update the parameters dynamically, depending on what your customers are choosing on your website.

There are two ways of using the EC forms: 

  • by setting up specific payment details and sharing the link with your customers 
  • by calling the payment form directly from your website and setting up the payment details dynamically


When the customer opens a link to an EC link form, they will be redirect to a checkout page, where they can enter their payment details. Once the customer submits their details, our service will process the request accordingly.


The logo displayed at the top of the EC link form can be specified in the store settings. If no logo is set in the store, the one set in the general settings will be used. If neither of these logos are set, a default logo will be displayed.