Email templates

You can create and edit payment email templates. If there is a template in the same language as the one specified in the general settings, payment emails will be used that template.

If you have not created a template yet, payment emails will be using the default template created by the system.

Create a template

  • Click on “Add”.
  • Select the “Language”.
  • Enter the “Title”.
  • Enter the “Content” (message).
  • Click on “Save”.

If you use the parameters in the title or body, the details will be automatically updated when the email is sent, using the information from your store and the transaction.

If you click on “Preview”, you can preview the email and the parameters will be replaced by default values (used for preview purposes only).


${date}Transaction or deposit date and time
${payment_type}Payment method (card, online payment…)
${payment_brand}Payment brand (Visa, MasterCard, PayPay online…)
${transaction_type}Charge or Refund
${store}Store name
${charge_id}Charge ID
${card_holder_name}Card holder name
${descriptor}Reference on the credit card or bank statement
${contact_email}Customer inquiry email address
${contact_phone}Customer inquiry phone number
${charge_metadata}Metadata associated to the charge
${token_metadata}Metadata associated to the token
${subscription_id}Subscription ID
${link}EC form link
${customer_name}Customer name
${bank_accout_number}Bank account number
${bank_branch_code}Bank branch code
${bank_branch_name}Bank branch name
${bank_account_type}Bank account type
${bank_account_holder_name}Bank account holder name
${bank_name}Bank name
${deposit_amount}Deposit amount
${deposit_needed}Amount of deposit still needed
${exeed_amount}Excess deposit amount
${konbini_payment_details}Convenience store details
${konbini_transaction_id}Convenience store transaction ID
*Parameters availability depends on payment service

Default email message for transactions

New transaction

A ${transaction_type}’ in the amount of ‘${amount}’ has been made at ‘${date}’ for store ‘${store}’.