Card transaction processes

Validity check

A validity check is used to confirm that the entered credit card is valid at the time of payment. Our service checks the validity of the card by requesting security code authentication when tokenizing the card information, performing a 1-yen authorization and then canceling it immediately.


This process will temporarily hold a specific amount on a credit card. The maximum authorization period is specified by the card company (typically 60 days for domestic cards and 30 days for overseas cards).

Authorization can be used at the time of ordering, so the payment can be captured at the time of shipping. However if the product is out of stock, or if in case of a lengthy shipping procedure, we recommend to cancel the charge, to avoid decreasing the consumer’s credit limit or funds for too long.

In our service, you can request a authorization by setting “capture” to “false” on the checkout settings.


For cards that have been tokenized* in advance, authorization and sales are processed at the same time.

If you make a capture request while it is authorized, the sales will be processed and the temporarily hold on the credit line will be released when the sales is confirmed.

*Please see the next section for more information on tokenization.


Captured charges can be refunded.

Even if the charge has already been fully paid, it can be refunded and the funds will be returned according to the card company schedules.

Refunds can be made from the management console, or through an API request.