Online payment methods

Credit cards (online payment)

Credit card payments with our service are limited to online payments (non-face-to-face). Online payments are payments where customers enter their own card details.

This does not include in-store payments with payment terminals scanning magnetic tapes or IC chips.

Please note that this does not include store-specific cards, nor local cards as issued in South Korea.

Paidy (deferred payment)

Paidy is a payment service that allows customers to pay for purchases the following month.

Payment is made by entering an email address and phone number in the checkout form and SMS verification.

Bank transfer (GMO Aozora)

This payment service uses GMO Aozora Net bank accounts.

The system automatically confirms payments to the issued account number and reflects the results. A unique account number is issued to the end-user for each payment and payment is made by bank transfer deposit.

Convenience Stores Payment

After entering customer information in the payment form, information for payment at various convenience stores is issued and notified to the end user via e-mail. The payment is completed when the end user makes a deposit.

Online transactions (Alipay Online, Alipay+ Online, WeChat Online, PayPay Online)

Online payments are made by logging in and authenticating to a QR payment app such as PayPay via the checkout form.