Billing types

There are three main billing options, all suitable for different needs.

Standard charges


A standard charge is a basic one-off payment.

From the Transactions list of the management console, you can check those charges and make refunds.

On credit card payments, it’s possible to use authorization (temporary sales) and capture (sales confirmation). Please check the Card transaction processes for more information.

Supported payment methods

  • All payment methods (Credit cards, Paidy, Bank transfer,Convenience stores Payment Online transactions)



Subscriptions charges are automatically made at a set interval.

It is best suited to charge customer on a regular basis for a subscription-based product or service.

From the Subscriptions list of the management console, you can pause and resume subscriptions. It is also possible to refund subscription charges.

The following parameters are available and can be set from the checkout form settings in the management console.

  • Subscription period (mandatory): interval on which the charges will be made automatically
  • Next payment date (optional): if you want the regular charges to start at a later date
  • Initial payment (optional): if you want the first charge to have a different amount from the regular charges
  • Subscription payment (mandatory): regular charges’ amount
  • Number of cycles (optional): you can set up a fixed number of cycles

Supported payment methods

  • Credit cards

Recurring tokens


This billing option allows you to request payments from customers at any time and in any amount.

This is best suited when for repeated payments or a pay-as-you-go services.

From the Recurring tokens list of the management console, you can check and delete recurring tokens (saved cards or bank account information). It is also possible to refund recurring charges.

  • Customer can pay without re-entering their card details once they are saved in a recurring token
  • The same bank account can be re-used for the same customer to make a different payment
  • It is possible to register card details without making a charge right away
  • Recurring tokens are necessary to use the CSV charges feature

Supported payment methods

  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfer